Friday, September 10, 2010

DMS Throwing Leaves

The background needs a little work, but this is my version of "Tossing Paint".

Friday, July 23, 2010

DEX - St. Augustine Lesson 4

This lesson was on overlaying texture.
I used adjusting the blending mode and opacity of a layer; merging layers; and adjusting Hue/Saturation.

DEX - Unbound Lesson 3

This lesson was on designing with type. I used adjusting the blending mode and the opacity; merging and flattening layers; adjusting sharpness; and using type tools.

DEX - Jacks Lesson 2

This lesson was on making areas of colors pop.
I used adjusting Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast, and opacity;
arranging and merging layers; and applying the Gaussian Blur Filter.

DEX - Whispers Lesson 1

Lesson 1- Whispers
This lesson consisted of creating a vignette with color fill layer, and included feathering, adding a solid color fill and adjusting opacity.

DMS - Grandma's Recipe

Our next assignment was to create a story. This the story of Grandma Hill's cake recipe. I used texture, blending, text, and brushes to create the montage.
Grandma Hill is on the left, and her mother Grandma Collins, is on on the right. The recipe is a scan of a handwritten cake recipe that she gave to my mother.
It is framed and hanging in the kitchen.

DMS - Widow's Walk

I am taking an online class, Digital Montage Studio, from Cindy and Sherre of the Yahoo Group, The Latest Trends in Mixed Media.
I have dabbled in digital collage for a while, but really wanted to learn more. The class has been awesome
and I have learned so much after only 5 days.
Our first theme was "Widow's Walk". Using the photos provided and following instructions this was my creation. I'm not excited about the results, but the process was a great learning experience.